Risecomm Communications Inc. has a track record of helping numerous companies raising above their capital raising targets and sometimes by significant multiples. Our strategy - The Wow-Factor:

"An impressive and impactful element of the design which is used by the designer to reinforce particular aspects of the attendant's experience, usually resulting in particular sensory stimulation (visual, auditory, etc) which can be used to facilitate memory formation and retention afterwards."

Our business experience and creativity in working in various industries has given us the ability to promote your material in a coherent, consistent and professional way, in order to give it the visual edge needed to impress the next potential client or investor.

Our fields of services include the development and improvement of all presentation material namely: website (design,content, SEO), corporate presentations (investor focus, marketing-related, factsheets), business plans, investors' material support (PPM, SubDoc) and overall business branding.




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